Passive Thermal Targets

• An important criterion being ready to a battle in all conditions is effective use of night vision and thermal vision systems, and the level of training of the troops using these systems. Use of thermal targets in improving the shooting skills in all kinds of operations’ environments is a necessity. Commonly used normal firing targets cannot be sighted with thermal vision devices.

• Battery or cable connected devices or heat bags are used to heat the target in sighting with thermal vision devices which down range brings along logistical and administrative challenges.

• To overcome these difficulties, passive thermal targets are developed to eliminate the logistical and administrative difficulties in such a way that personnel focus only on shooting training with thermal vision devices.

• The advantages of Passive Thermal Target Systems can be summarized as:
        - Wide range of uses
        - Designed to be used at shooting trainings with all types of weapons
        - Simpler, more convenient and cost effective solution compared to electrical, illuminated and heat bag systems.

• Ease of use for the Passive Thermal Target Systems:
        - Electrical energy, battery, cable, heat bag, no lighting required
        - Can be used in the shooting range, the area of operations or in any area which allows shooting
        - Thanks to its self-adhesive back side, it can be easily adhered to a board, plexiglass or metal surface.

• Passive Thermal Target Systems can be used with;
        - Night vision weapon sights,
        - Thermal weapon sights within the spectrum range of 3-5 µm and 8-12 µm day or night.
        - Provides a good target image at all weather conditions where the sight can provide image, including rainy weather. Wetting of the target or too low or too high temperature does not affect the image of the target.
        - No complications during long-lasting trainings such as battery discharge, heat bag cooling, or damage to the cable and electrical systems by shot munition.
        - White-hot or black-hot images can be attained by changing the polarity of the device
        - Depending on the distance of target, the aiming point on the target can be adjusted to the desired size.

• Passive Thermal Target Systems have also many cost advantages:
        - Thanks to the repair patches available with the targets, a sitting target can be used up to 200-300 shots with a 7.62 mm ammunition. By the same token, the service life of a SOBRIGHT Passive Thermal target is 10 times longer than those working on electricity or heat bag.
        - While the target systems using battery, illumination, cable, electrical system or heat bag can be affected by shots and weather conditions, SOBRIGHT  Passive Thermal Target works without any logistic support or auxiliary system.

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